In Success 


Our mission is to promote STEM education in the community by providing assistance and support to those who are passionate and in need of assistance. Everything is free of charge and virtual as students like us want to promote education and develop through the form of community impact in what interests us, STEM education.

 What we Offer 

Stem-ED provides virtual STEM camps that are group sessions in which any student who is interested and passionate can attend. Additionally, we also offer one on one tutoring to students. If you click on the courses tab at the top of the page you will be able to see what courses we are offering in August 2023! If you are not interested in any of the camps or don't want one on one tutoring fill out the suggestions form which tells our team what camps we need to add, and we promise you, we will do that as soon as possible

 Get Involved

To recieve one on one tutoring fill out the form in the courses tab or contact us at, specifiying your tutoring needs. We will respond back within 24 hours. We will also set up a meeting with you to understand your needs and goals in one on one tutoring.